HR Policies and Actions

Tear’s HR policies are a set of guidelines, based on principles and values that should guide work relationships. We highlight:
Compliance with labor rights provided for in legislation, collective bargaining agreements and internal regulations.
Compliance with actions related to the promotion of safety, occupational health and prevention of occupational accidents risks.
Recognition of the right to free association and representative entities, as well as to maintain an agile and efficient communication channel that allows employees to resolve doubts and present opinions, contributing to an improvement in the organizational climate.
Abstention from practices of any kind of discrimination in work by age, ethnicity, sexual choice, group, religion or disability.
Condemnation of all forms of forced labor, analogous to slavery or exploitation of child labor, including degrading working conditions.
Repression of any practice of harassment of employees and abusive, authoritarian and unethical hierarchical relationship, as well as the exposure of employees to humiliating and embarrassing situations. 

People Management

Human ResoA TEAR has a commitment to the quality of life and well being of its employees socially, offering a package of corporate benefits in line with best practices in the market, among which we highlight: food stamps / meal, health plan and dentistry extensive to legal dependents, card-covenant, insurance, group life, free and charter transportation between the cities of Paraopeba and Caetanópolis.urces.

Inclusion of people with special needs

For Tear, the hiring of people with disabilities is not only seen with a legal obligation, inclusion and respect for differences is a commitment of our policy of social responsibility.

The aim is to include persons with disabilities or rehabilitated in functions compatible with their limitations, thus promoting adequate conditions to ensure their insertion into a productive, dignified and independent life.
The project benefits more than 30 people with disabilities. 

Social responsability

The commitment of integration with the community where it is inserted is one of the fundamental values of Tear, and can be seen through social actions and programs: 

Young Apprentice Program

The program is carried out through a partnership between TEAR and SENAI.

The objective is the vocational training of young apprentices, developing fundamental skills to work in the various areas of the company, as well as contributing to the professional and personal development of young people in the community.

The project has already benefited more than 400 young people from Paraopeba and Caetanópolis. 

Other actions:

Donation of tissue cuts for association and NGOs that promotes a free sewing course for seniors, for cultural or religious events held in Paraopeba.

Contribution to the refurbishment works at the headquarters of the Paraopeba Civil Police Precinct, in addition to transferring furnaces from the boiler for the incineration of illicit materials, the result of seizures during police operations in Paraopeba.

Promotion of guided visits by students from public and private schools and universities.

Partner with Junior Achievement – a non-profit educational foundation whose mission is to spark the entrepreneurial spirit among young people, still in school, and provide a clear view of the business world. 

Success of the "Solidary Security" Gymkhana

Between April 22 and 26, in the month that Tear Textile completes 20 years, the Internal Commission for the Prevention of Accidents-CIPA held the 5th Internal Week of Prevention of Work Accidents-SIPAT.

The week was composed of daily lectures related to safety, health, motivation and HR, with a focus on accident prevention. In addition to the lectures, the event also featured the “Solidary Security”

Collaborators from all sectors, were divided into teams to meet evidence and collect food, geriatric hygiene products and cleanliness that will be allocated to 2 homes in Paraopeba. In all, 2,525 geriatrics were collected, 810 kg of rice, 152 kg of beans, 110 kg of sugar, 38 kg of pasta, 85 kg wheat / corn, 71 liters of soybean oil, 130 cleaning products, 385 products of personal hygiene, 198 liters of milk

In spite of the competition, the improvement of the union and the spirit of solidarity between employees towards a noble objective was observed, and this reflects positively on the organizational climate.

The Team is proud of the fact that the true “winners” were the recipients of the donations. In addition, the “Solidarity security” contest contributes to social responsibility and reinforces the Tear Textile brand to positive actions in the community in which it is inserted. 

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