Conserving the environment

Tear Textile is a company with a long tradition and always looking to the future on sustainability issues. Since it was founded and started operations in the 2000s, it already had a sector specialized in environmental issues.

The search for an increasingly rational use of natural resources and other inputs in the company’s activities is a daily matter among the company’s technical teams, which always seek to balance the balance between quality and environmental sustainability x operational safety x product valorization x satisfaction of the company client!

In the last few decades tens and equipment and processes have been replaced by more modern and efficient ones, providing rationalization of the use of raw materials and natural resources.

The main environmental actions are in the strict control of the environmentally adequate disposal of the solid waste generated in the process, the treatment of the liquid effluents through an own effluent treatment station and the control of the gases generated in the steam generation process

Tear Textile by joining ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals), which is an international initiative for the non-use of chemical novices in its production process, has established a policy of evaluation and control of all chemicals as the objective of protect your employees, customers and the environment.

It is also associated with BCI (Better Cotton Initiative), which is also an international initiative for the use of cotton produced in a more sustainable way.

Tear Têxtil is a company that although it belongs to an industrial typology that has been remote for hundreds of years, its main aspect is always looking for the future and always willing to innovate in technologies that can be added to its production process by providing products better quality and more sustainable.

Tear Textile, Weaving Sustainability! 

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